Cry me a river

Cry me a river

I had dated THE hottest guy for a few very intense months.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances, which I’ll detail in a separate story at some point, had led to our fall out and we hadn’t spoken in over a year.

In the time apart I had dated someone else, but that had just ended, so I was back on the dating app where me and the hot guy initially met. After a few weeks, I wake up to a message from my hot guy. He had spent time typing out a long message about how much he misses me; how he has been thinking about me, but had lost my number; and how happy he was to have found me on the app. He ends the message by asking for my number.

I don’t know why, but I give him my number again.

We start talking and texting here and there. Nothing romantic, just renewing our friendship. We would talk about our past, what we’ve been up to and a lot about his job. He had just started a new one, that he was loving. He liked the people he was working with and the pay was great for him. He also kept saying that he wanted to get together for lunch or dinner. Each time I would say that it would be great to see him again, would offer a few times I’m available and then nothing would come of it. He’s the flakiest person I have ever met (a bit of insight on why it didn’t work out). This type of wishy-washy conversation continued for about a month. We never land on a day or time that worked for him.

Then I get a call.

It was a Saturday morning. I had just dropped off my car for service at the dealership. I was in an Uber bound for my home, when my phone rings. It’s him.

I could tell that something was wrong, because he was rather silent and it sounded like he had some sort of cold. I asked if everything was okay and that’s when the waterworks kicked in. He started rambling - saying that I was his only friend; how hard it has been for him to be away from me; that I’m a good listener and the only one that understands him and what he’s been through; etc, etc. Then he finally lays it all out on the table and says...

“I’m homeless.”

He said his mom had kicked him out of the house months ago and he didn’t have anywhere to go. Then he proceeds to ask if he can stay at my house for a few months, just until he can get back on his feet.

Wait. What? Did I miss something here? You mean to tell me that you disappeared from my life, want to be back in it, AND stay at my house, rent free?

Yeah, not a chance.

I told him that I was sorry that he is going through so much, but I won’t be able to open my home up to him. I also asked where he had been staying all this time. He didn’t have a clear answer. He said he understood and hung up the phone. I haven’t heard from him since.

This is why you’re single:

  1. You try to use people for your own gain...
  2. You try to manipulate people...
  3. You make poor life decisions and expect people to bail you out...

At the risk of sounding heartless, because of our history, I don’t really think this guy was homeless. I also don’t think that the crying was real. You know when you take something away from a kid and they have a fake upset cry? Yeah, that’s what it sounded like. That being said, I do wish him well. I hope whatever it is that he is going through works out for him.

What would guys have done in this situation? Would you have let him stay with you? Would you have even started talking to him again? Let me know in the comments below.

Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior

Wham. Bam. It's a Scam.

Wham. Bam. It's a Scam.