The never ending story

The never ending story

Dinner and bowling? Sure!

I had recently had poor luck finding men who were serious about dating. I tend to be spontaneous and if in the course of our chat, a guy asked to meet me for coffee, I would say yes. I went on several coffee dates that happened within a few hours of talking. Obviously, these didn’t pan out in my favor. So, I decided to change my strategy to the extreme opposite. My new policy was to talk to someone until I felt so comfortable with them, that they could pick me up at my house for our first date. I figured this would take time and that whoever this guy was, he would be worth it, because he’ll have to stick around for awhile before he meets me in person. Most people are not this patient.

This particular guy was patient and had been a little slower to ask me out. That worked out for me, because by the time he asked me on a date, I felt he could pick me up.

We planned to go to dinner and then afterwards, we’d go bowling. He arrived at my house earlier than expected. I was almost home from work and I told him that I had to run inside really quick and then I’d be right outside. I reached my house, ran inside to grab a pair of socks, and met him at his car.

He presented a couple options for where we could have dinner. I chose one and off we went.

The dinner was lovely, company was good, conversation was good too. But there was one odd statement he said several times throughout the course of dinner -- “Sorry to keep you out so late on a work night”.

It was Thursday, but it was only 6 o’clock.

It was 6:43 pm the second time he said this. I told him, it was really okay because it is still early and I had expected we’d be out for a few hours, since we were going to bowl after dinner.

We then continued our conversation like normal. He paid for dinner and asked if I was ready to go. As he started driving, I realized that he was heading back to my house. I asked him where we were going and he told me he was going to take me back home. I asked about bowling and he said he couldn’t play today because he had injured his hand boxing earlier that day. He then said that he really has enjoyed his time with me and would love to see me again that Saturday. When we reached my house, we set up a date for an early dinner and movie, said our goodbyes and off I went inside.

About an hour later, he sent me a rejection text.

Then he told me that I was being blocked. I was confused because I thought the date went well and I was looking forward to our date on Saturday, but I thought, "Okay, guess I'm moving on". So, I blocked him as well.

Next morning, I receive a text from a random number where they were calling me all kind of names. I engaged in the conversation for a bit to figure out who it was and realized it was him. He was now mad I had blocked him. Apparently, he tried to call me sometime after he had blocked me and couldn’t get through.

He kept apologizing over text and begging me to see him on Saturday as we had planned, but at this point I was so angry that I didn’t want to make any rash decisions. I told him I was too upset to talk to him right now, plus I was driving, and that I would get back to him later. He then asked if he could call me instead and for some reason, I said okay.

It was one of the strangest conversations I have had to date.

Long story short, he said he sent me the rejection text because he thought that I was mad at him. He couldn’t give me an answer as to what I did or said to make him think I was mad. I was actually very happy. I told him, “I wasn’t mad yesterday, but I certainly am mad now.” At the end of it all, I told him not to contact me anymore.

A few days later, I get another text message, from yet another unknown number. This time he included his full name. So, my friends and I did some recon work and found he has 3 different Facebook pages under each of the 3 different numbers he had used to contact me, plus each Facebook account had a different name. Needless to say, I blocked him again.

This scenario happens 2 more times!

After the 5th contact, I decided to have some fun with him and sent him a few random cat .gifs, my favorite taken from this video of disco cats deejay-ing with strobe lights in the background.

He misinterpreted this and thought I was inviting him to go dancing. He said he would love to take me out if I gave him the opportunity.

So, I had my friend type out the following “business opportunity” (try to ignore the typos):


This was the "online presentation" that he received:

He still didn’t get I was messing with him, so we sent him this:


Surely he would know now that I was joking around, right? Nope. Still didn’t get it, so I left it at that and blocked him once again.

About 3 weeks later, he found me on KIK, an instant messenger app, and left me a message...I am so over it, so I just blocked him.

And then, oddly enough, the day I wrote out this story, he sent me a message to my dating profile that said this:


I truly don't understand it. Does he not remember me or is he just messing with me? The world may never know.

I'm sure this person will come back at random. All I can do is block numbers and online profiles and at times have a little fun while I’m at it.

This is why you're single:

  1. You harass people…
  2. You exhibit stalker tendencies…
  3. You don’t have an open conversation about how the other person feels about you...

One thing I learned - never give someone your address in the beginning no matter how comfortable you may feel about them. I didn’t know if this guy was going to show up randomly at my door and that’s unnerving.

Have you encountered a stalker like this? What do you think I could have done differently? Let me know in the comments.

Wham. Bam. It's a Scam.

Wham. Bam. It's a Scam.

Show me the money

Show me the money