Communication is key

We had started communicating via text. The online platform that we were on, just wasn't allowing for a free flowing way for us to chat. He was really witty and creative in the way that he would joke around and I found myself relating in many aspects. He finally became comfortable enough to ask me out on a date. I accepted and we started planning. 

We landed on a simple coffee date at Starbucks.

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Cry me a river

I had dated THE hottest guy for a few very intense months.

Unfortunately, due to circumstances, which I’ll detail in a separate story at some point, had led to our fall out and we hadn’t spoken in over a year.

In the time apart I had dated someone else, but that had just ended, so I was back on the dating app where me and the hot guy initially met. After a few weeks, I wake up to a message from my hot guy.

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